"One Day Compilers" or how I learned to stop worrying and love static metaprogramming

Ottawa Linux Symposium 2002
A talk I gave for no particular reason other than my then-current enjoyment of the ocaml toolchain and its relatively powerful syntax-extension mechanisms.
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Monotone - Low stress version control

CodeCon 2006
A talk Nathaniel Smith gave and I sat on stage looking supportive for, answering occasional questions. It's close to what I would have said!

Project Servo - Technology from the past come to save the future from itself

Mozilla Annual Summit 2010
The first public presentation about (or even admission I was working on) Rust. Very retro, way overconfident, needlessly hard on C++. Sorry! Posted here for posterity / amusement.

Rust - A safe, concurrent, practical language

Tantalus Systems Corp 2012
Second talk I gave on Rust after a couple years of getting beat up by the "last 10%", at a lunch break at Tantalus, a power-control company where Frances was working at the time. On reflection, a good enough set of slides to show outside that small room.

21 compilers and 3 orders of magnitude in 60 minutes

UBC 2019
Talk for some undergrads in computer science at UBC about the wide world of compilers.